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Send an email to [email protected] if you need assistance. We’ll keep your personal information private. Aside from the main website and all of its associated subsites (such as “games” and “journal”), we also manage and provide support for all of our other online properties (collectively, the “Sites”). This Privacy Statement is a part of the terms and conditions that govern your use of our website.


Third-party websites, applications, and plug-ins can be found on this site. If you click on these links, third parties may acquire or share your personal information. The privacy policies of these sites are beyond our control. After you leave our site, be sure to read the privacy policies of other websites.

What information do we gather?

From your usage of our websites, we acquire personal information. You offer additional information by completing forms, creating accounts, and logging in. Without your consent, we may collect race times from an event. Changes to our website and services are possible at any time. Information about you is gathered based on your activities on our website.

Learn how your information is used by us.

Profiles on a website

Super-sportz does not gather any personal information from its customers. To access Super-sportz, sign up. In order to place you in the appropriate racing categories and allow you to participate in Super-sportz events, we require information such as your birth date, email address, password, and others (“Account Information”). Your personal information is used solely for account management and delivery purposes.

Data on athletes

Become a member of the Super-sportz community. A photo, height, weight, a profile, and more may be included here (“Personal Bio”). This information will be used in accordance with your permission. At any moment, this can be changed.

a training programme leading to a diploma or degree

Personal information is required while applying to become a Certified Super-sportz Trainer. In the section labelled “Contact Information,” you should give your first and last name(s), e-mail address(es), birthday(s), phone number(s), and postal address(es) (“Education Information”).


To register for an event, competition, or the Super-sportz Games Open, you must give personal information. A biography and a list of contacts are all included in this document. Authenticating a competitor’s identity, verifying compliance with competition regulations, recording results, and defending against fraud are some of the uses of this information.


When you buy something from us, we gather your name, address, and credit card information (“Billing Information”). For payment processing, distribution, and fraud detection.


Entries into sweepstakes and other promotions are only valid if you supply the correct information and follow all instructions. In the contest/sweepstakes papers, we’ll go into further depth.

Customized discussion boards

Our treatment of your personal information will be the same if you publish on a message board, comment section, or other public site. We may or may not collect, store, and utilise the information you provide, depending on the content and comments you provide. Visitors to our website are expected to abide by our rules on user-generated content.

Automated upgrades

Computer, browsing, and other information may be collected by Supersportz websites (the “Technical Data”). In order to gather information about a client’s computer, cookies and other technologies are employed. Your IP address and unique device identifier, operating system and version, URLs you visit on our website, the pages you go to and leave, the time spent on each page, the number of clicks, and the platform type are all examples of the technical information we may collect about you. The use and dissemination of non-personal data is not restricted by law.

Our servers track your computer information when you browse Super-sportz. Cookies are used. See our Cookie Policy for more information.

Confidentiality is third.

Data about race and ethnicity, DNA and biometrics, and health are all included here. You are free to submit this information if you so choose. Your bio should include information about your workouts, training regimes, and performance data. You can revoke our permission to use your personal information by deleting or requesting that we remove it.

Toxicology testing

Participants in Super-sportz events are encouraged to participate in drug-free activities. We place a high priority on the well-being of both participants and onlookers. In order to attend the event for which you signed up, you may be subject to a drug test at random. It is explained in detail in our Drug Testing Program Policy how and why we deal with such private and confidential information.

Personal data

Your personal information will only be used in accordance with the law. As a result of our legitimate interests and your interests and basic rights do not trump those interests; as a result of a legal or regulatory duty; as a result of a contract we intend to enter into or have already entered into with you.

Publication is the fifth step.

Profile for Super-sportz;

We may share personal information in blog posts, articles, updates, race results, and other event-related materials. Winners of competitions may be mentioned in our coverage.

Anyone with access to a website or forum can go through what’s been made public. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to stop it from being used in any way. Use caution while making public statements on the internet.

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

We may share your information with third-party service providers to provide our services and manage our firm, such as website design, email communications, fraud detection and prevention, customer care services, and payment processing, among other things. It is a condition of our contracts with third parties that they keep our personal information private and confidential and only use it for the purpose for which we have provided it.

Personal information may be required for participation in affiliate or partner events or activities. Our certificate programmes and events can be co-sponsored by other organisations. In the absence of explicit instructions to the contrary, co-sponsors may see the information you provide. Sharing of your personal data is possible.

The role of a data controller is critical. Your personal information may be accessed by unaffiliated data controllers. None of our employees, contractors, or subcontractors. No. Personal data can be shared for any of the following reasons: Please take a moment to give us a review on Google. If you do not have the option to opt out, we will only provide your personal information to third-party data controllers. The confidentiality and security standards of third-party data controllers must be met. We only allow them to use your personal information if you give us permission to do so.

There are rivals for Super-sportz. To enforce our terms of service and other agreements, or to protect Super-sportz, our products and services, our users or others, we may need to reveal personal information. Fraud may be prevented and reduced through the exchange of data. You may not rent, sell, trade, or otherwise financially exploit our customers’ personally identifiable information (PII).

We may share your personal information with government authorities and courts if we receive a subpoena or other legal request in order to protect our company’s interests, comply with national security and law enforcement requirements, or for any other justifiable reason.

If our company is sold, merged, or transferred, we may reveal personal information. To stop getting promotions, you’ll be asked.

We will only share your personal information with your consent.


A variety of measures have been taken to keep your data safe. Those that have a legitimate business reason to get access to your personal data may do so. Keep your personal information private and follow any directions you’ve been given. We’ll tell you and the appropriate authorities if there’s a breach of your personal information.

Data protection necessitates a

In order to meet our business goals, we’ll only store your personal information for as long as is absolutely required. A number of factors go into our decision, including the amount and sensitivity of your data, potential harm from unauthorised use or disclosure, and whether we can achieve our goals by alternative means. Erasing data is possible under some circumstances (see “Legal Rights of EU Data Subjects”). We won’t tell you if we utilise your personal data in an anonymous manner for research or statistics.


Super-US sports and data storage We rely on GDPR compliance when sending personal data to third-party service providers located outside the European Economic Area.

Data outside of the EEA must be protected under EU directive. Personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) is transferred via Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC).

The privacy of European Union citizens is paramount.

A complaint concerning our acquisition and use of personal data can be made.

Use this section to ask for or exercise your legal rights.. Personal data can be seen for free (or to exercise any of the other rights). Requests that are unnecessarily frequent, exorbitant, or all of the above may result in additional fees. It’s possible that we’ll say no to your request.

To verify your identity and authorise the processing of your personal data, only a few pieces of information may be required (or to exercise any of your other rights). This safeguards the confidentiality of individual information. We may make an effort to reach out to you directly in order to respond more quickly. Within a month after receiving a verified request, we will respond. More than one month may be required if your request is complex or you have submitted many requests. If we learn anything new, we’ll let you know.

Privacy for children is essential.

COPPA will be adhered to (COPPA). Under-16s are not allowed to use super-sportz websites and services. Personal information about children under the age of 16 is not collected. In the event that a minor under the age of 16 submits any information, we will delete it.

Changes in policy

Check out the terms & conditions and privacy notice before using this site. This page is not for you if you disagree. All privacy and Privacy Notice complaints will be resolved in accordance with Arizona law. Binding arbitration in Arizona and damages restrictions are part of your contract with us.

This will be fixed as soon as possible. We’ll provide any updates as soon as they’re ready. You will be notified of any Notice changes. Policy and terms and conditions are missing from the website.