Best Hot Things to Say to a Guy Over Text

Texting has become a modern form of communication, right? You can keep things together with your loved ones by interacting with them through text messages. To keep your relationship full of affection and naughtiness, seduce him by saying hot things to the guy over text.

To become the queen of his heart, don’t hesitate to discuss the naughty and sexy topics with him over text. To get real life examples of the texts to turn him on, closely observe his opinions, face expressions, and behavior with other girls. It’ll give you a clear idea about what kind of things he likes to hear!

Moreover, it’ll also be helpful to find out his interests and you can discuss similar things with your guy when he’s not with you.

Best Ideas to talk to your Guy over Text

Let’s discuss some outstanding ideas to talk to your guy over text that’ll not only make him feel you are the best but also let you to experience his companionship in the way you have ever wondered!

Make him feel you are with him:

Let him know about the love, affection, and care you have for him in your heart. If you want to make him an important part of your life, become an addiction for him. Believe me, this can only be done if you have guts to push your limits keeping your emotions and feelings aside!

Seduce you Guy over Text:

Your texts must contain elements of glamor as well as seduction. It isn’t bad to reveal your hidden love and lust for your boyfriend; therefore, send him flirty and dual meaning text messages. Believe me, he’ll love it!

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Tease him with Dirty Talk:

Oh Girl! I know it isn’t easy for you but you have to do it for the sake of your love and Dream Boy. Because, you can’t get his attention unless you make him feel that he is the center of your emotions and feelings.

Therefore, don’t stop yourself from sharing sex oriented views through text messages. This is the best way to make him realize that you are serious with him.

Be Naughty but Romantic:

Text messages containing a blend of naughtiness and romance will enhance your affection as well as strengthen your bond with your guy.

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So keep him busy and attracted towards you through your naughty texts. It’ll ultimately make him a big fan of yours!

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